Author Ann Tatlock

What is a Biblical Worldview


Something’s happening. A story is unfolding in our world, and ultimately it explains the big questions: Where did we come from? Why are we here? Where are we going?

How you answer such questions is your worldview. And your worldview colors every decision you make and everything you do.

Today in our postmodern culture, there are many worldviews. People feel free to create their own realities, to say that we came from the gods, or from a goddess, or from the universal consciousness, or as the result of a cosmic accident. We are here to indulge ourselves, or to become one with the earth, or to achieve self-realization and divinity. We are going nowhere, or to Nirvana, or we are coming right back here to do it all over again.

But, what is reality really? What’s the true story? What are the right answers to the big questions?

As Christians, we believe the answers are found in the Bible. We don’t attempt to create reality; we believe reality was created for us by a Sovereign God. We live within that reality and base our knowledge of that reality on what God himself has revealed to us through Jesus Christ and his Word. Truth isn’t fabricated; Truth is revealed. We believe we are here because this loving God created us. We are here to glorify him and love him in return. And after this life, we are going to live with him forever in heaven. We believe this because that is what God’s Word says. This is a biblical worldview: aligning one’s beliefs to the teaching of the Bible, and living accordingly.

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