Author Ann Tatlock

Once Beyond a Time

* 2015 Christy Award Winner

* 2015 Selah Award Finalist

After settling into an old house nearly hidden on the side of a mountain, a broken family discovers that their new home is no ordinary place. Can all of time be happening at once? The family can see and speak with people who have lived there in the past, and with those who will live there in the future. They come and go. Are those people from beyond the present time, apparitions or real?

It’s 1968, and Sheldon and Meg Crane have just moved their family from suburban Philadelphia to the town of Black Mountain, NC. Sheldon, the father, has resigned in disgrace from the ministry after an affair. He will now sell used cars for his brother-in-law’s auto dealership. Sheldon is burdened by his wife’s unwillingness to forgive and his daughter’s anger over his moving the family to a small town, far from her friends. The oldest son is in Vietnam. The only happy member of the family is his eight-year-old son, Digger. But then, Digger suddenly disappears. Has he been kidnapped, or has he wandered off into the dark forest? How does the “house beyond time” provide the answers, the healing power of forgiveness, and show the loving sovereignty of God?


Reviews of this book“I have not enjoyed reading a book this much in a long, long time.”
     ~ Holly Lorincz, editing and publishing consultant

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