Author Ann Tatlock

A Room of My Own

Daughter of a prominent physician, Virginia Eide’s wealthy, idyllic life is forever altered when the Great Depression sweeps across the country. As she works alongside her father, giving medical aid and other assistance to the people of “Soo City,” a makeshift camp along the nearby railroad tracks, Virginia witnesses these down-and-out people rise above their circumstances while displaying an uncommon spirit of generosity and love. Virginia, in reaching out to them, develops a strength of character and compassion that will change the direction of her future while bringing a gift of hope to her family.


Reviews of this book“In this seamless and well-researched narrative, Tatlock provides a compelling look at the Depression through a child’s eyes. At the same time, she accurately conveys the exuberance, naivete, humor and optimism typical of young teens. Historical details are informative and entertaining. The book’s characters have unusual depth, and the author’s writing style makes reading this story a memorable experience for teenagers and adults alike.”
–CBA Marketplace

“Some novels are well written. Some convey an important message. A Room of My Own shines both for its content and the loving, sensitive way it is conveyed.

Writer Ann Tatlock vividly transports readers to the summer of 1932 and the comfortable world of 13-year-old Virginia Eide. Still largely untouched by the Great Depression, Virginia’s life revolved around her loving, prosperous family, her best friend, and their mutual dreams for someday marrying movie stars.

Then Virginia’s world begins growing larger and less comfortable. Her laid-off uncle and his family must move into the Eides’ home. Virginia’s father, a physician, starts tending the homeless people who’ve built a village of shacks outside of town. As Virginia helps him bring aid to these desperately needy people, she begins to discover the joy of Jesus’ call to serve others. As her uncle is caught up by the violent opposition to his efforts to form a labor union, she learns that commitments often come at a sacrificial cost.

This novel of faith in action will motivate and touch the hearts of believers, while displaying a narrative integrity that will also captivate those who do yet know Christ.”
— Moody

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